The Loose Leaf Project

Adding Pattern with Plants

My name is Al and I am a plantoholic :)- My tiny condo is filled with plants. Not only do they make me happy, they add pattern and texture to my space. I get excited when it’s landscaping day in my complex because it means that I can add more plant life to my home by using the leaves of plants that do better outdoors – literally bringing the outdoors in.

I run my business from my home, so I am surrounding by my plant family and they inspire my designs. However, sometimes I work from various co-working spaces around my city. At times I find that I need to be among other creative minds in order to boost my own creativity. It is not unusual to see me sitting at my assigned co-working desk with with a water bottle – or even a red solo cup – and a bloom or leaf of some kind.

When I go running I am always on the lookout for a plant, leaf or bloom that can be easily added to my indoor space. I think i’d be running a 4 minute mile by now if it wasn’t for my constant stopping to gaze at possible plant life for my work space or inspiration for my designs.


Since condo life is not conducive to using power tools, I share a work shop with with the owner of a HVAC company. I get to use all his power tools and in exchange, I assist him with his marketing and website updates.  But, as you can imagine, a HVAC office can be very grungy environment. I combat that by adding some greenery whenever i’m there working on a project. I think they make the workers happy because, according to the owner of the company, productivity has increased.

Several public spaces are  adding more plant life to their indoor decor. I am loving the addition of monstera to this co-working space in Palm Beach.

A few tips when looking for greenery to your space.

  • Look in your neighbors yard – ask them for clippings.
  • When you are getting clippings, look out for things that bite
  • Add some blooms to your floral arrangement – it’s a great way to add color and more texture.
  • Look for plants that are not traditionally used in floral arrangements.
  •  Whenever you can “Get outside!”

fiddle leaf

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