Quick and Easy Birthday Gift

It had been a busy couple of days, so busy that I forgot one of my nieces birthday. As I was settling in to bed I noticed the alert on my phone – “Dana’s Birthday”. At about 3 in the morning, I got up and whipped up this little gift.

Crystal Earrings

I had a difficult time photographing them, so I scanned them in – I hope you are able to see them. Anyway, here is what is involved. 2 6mm butterfly crystal, 2 4mm Faceted Cube Crystals, 4 4mm bicone crystals, 2 headpins and ear wires. String the beads on the head pin as shown above, make a loop at the top of the head pin, attach your ear wires and you are done – 5 minutes = cute earrings.

I figured, since I was up, I would complete a few more projects. I went barrett crazy – thankfully, I had done these patterns before, so they went quickly. check them out…

Blue Hair Barrett

Side View

How about doing one in pink?

Pretty in Pink

I wore this yesterday:)

Green with Envy

Side View

I looked up, and it was dawn – time to get dressed for work – another sleepless, but rewarding night.




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