The Succulent Container Garden Chronicles

I am told that moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. This may be true for others, but not for me. I see moving as a way to reboot my life. It’s a time to clear out the cobwebs and create fresh memories. Since I am now an empty nester, I no longer needed all the space I had when I was raising my family – I needed a smaller, more manageable space. I had 1 requirement; there should be adequate room for my ever-growing plant collection. I found the perfect place, made an offer, packed up my plants and made the move.

While I was unpacking, I came across some containers that I had forgotten I had – I don’t even remember packing them up. I decided to use them to refresh my patio garden.

succulent arangement

succulent arrangement

2 of my cappuccino cups were damaged in the move. The bold colors complimented green hue of 2 of my mini succulents.

Cappuccino cups

Cappuccino cups

I found some mini baskets among my craft stash –  I remembering getting them when Rag shop was going out of business.


Mini Succulent Baskets

These mini baskets adds texture and interest. I like the organic quality they lend to my patio garden.

Remember the Bombay company? This home decor store was in malls all over the USA. I purchased a pair of vanilla scented candles housed in blue and white porcelain containers. I held on to the containers after burning the candles.


Blue and white Porcelain

They make a perfect home for some of my succulents and cacti.

Love the blue, white and green

Love the blue, white and green

I memory serves me, these mini embossed silver buckets shown below were left over from a baby shower I hosted (theme – a star is born).

Cacti in a silver Bucket

Cacti in a silver Bucket



Ag Bucket

Ag Bucket

They are now hosting some of my gorgeous cacti.

An up cycled bowl served as the perfect home for this groovy aloe plant. The chips it suffered in transit adds character:)

Aloe I am settled, my plants are happy – I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life.



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