The Way My Mind Works

Psst, I have a secret. I am going to reveal my design process for the pillow pictured below. Here goes…

Create your characters as a separate file – that way you can use them over and over.

Summer Fun

I was washing my car and my son kept getting in the way, so I turned the hose on him. My niece found it hilarious, so she grabbed the hose and joined in on the  fun.

Water War

My son was having a blast,

Yeah, Scream, Yell

he called his younger cousin to join in


The image needed some depth, so I added a scenery. BTW, there no natural hills in South FL – we have a few man made ones – they are garbage dumps.

Add a skyline

Then I added some trees – I cheated, these trees came bundled with Adobe Illustrator, (also, the image of Matt. was from another project). I also decided to crop the image a bit – there was too much sky.

Love the trees

And a few flowers and butterflies… These are apart of Illustrator as well.

I Love Daisy

I could have changed the color of Matthew’s pants, but I really liked the quilted effect.

How about Red pants

Next stop, transfer the image to fabric and make a pillow, quilt, wall hanging…

There you have it – a playful summer pillow – its summer all year round.

Run Matt Run!



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